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Date January 24, 2023
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– The butter should be very soft so you can beat it.
– Combine all herbs and lemon juice with butter, spice with salt and pepper and other ingredients that you choose.
– Mix very well, until smooth.
– Place in fridge if you want to form a roll. Otherwise fill the butter in a small bowl and keep in fridge.
– When butter is firm enough form a roll, warp it in foil or plastic wrap and place in fridge,  then cut into slices. With an ice cream scoop you can make small balls.
Serve one slice of herb butter on each steak.


125 g butter (2 sticks), the best is to use the Irish butter

Variety of chopped Herbs – choose the herbs you like best
1 tbsp of each:
parsley, chives, tarragon, sorrel, chervil, rosemary, cress, thyme

1 tbsp lemon

salt, pepper to taste

If you use the EDORA mix use 1 tbsp for 125g butter

You also can add
– hint of Worcester sauce
– garlic cloves, squeezed or finely chopped
– curry spice
– dried tomatoes, chopped
– hint of mustard

  • PREP 15 min
  • COOK 5 min
  • READY IN 20 min
  • DIFFICULTY Beginner
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